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Choose from Granite & Marble Countertops in Tampa

For a space you'll be proud to show off to the neighbors, turn to the professionals at Elegant Touch Stonework Inc. Our experts are proud to provide countertops made with marble and granite in Tampa, FL, and surrounding areas. With our custom services, it’s easy to enjoy the luxury look of true stone countertops for years to come. Schedule your consultation with us today and learn how these stunning materials can make your space pop.

Go Bold with Granite

Large marble slabs in warehouseAre you looking for countertops that are able to withstand constant use? As a homeowner, you have enough to deal with on a daily basis without stressing over the maintenance of your counters. Because granite countertops are made from one of the strongest materials available, they are specially designed to hold up to regular wear and tear. In fact, this material can even tolerate the heat of a pan without damage. For added durability, we offer a free sealing to protect from stains.

Since granite is a naturally occurring, each piece is unique and will make a statement in your home. While we can provide you with sample colors, the final appearance of your countertop may vary a little. The advantage of working with us is that you are free to choose the exact slab that will be installed in your kitchen or bathroom, so there are no surprises. Our knowledgeable staff will help you select the right one out of our diverse inventory of granite countertops in Tampa, FL.

Turn Heads with Marble

Slabs of cut marble

Nothing adds elegance to your home quite as marble does. When you are searching for top marble countertops in Tampa, FL, for your kitchen or bathroom, you will be delighted with our product selection. We work closely with you when you are searching for the ideal countertop to ensure you find the one that meets your needs in performance, appearance, and price.

Marble stone has long been considered to be one of the top materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops. In addition to its stunning appearance, marble countertops offer a number of other benefits for homes of all sizes. This long-lasting material holds up to regular use and, when properly cared for, marble countertops have the potential to last for decades to come without requiring repairs or maintenance.

Homeowners throughout this area trust us to install marble and granite counters at prices that fit any budget. Contact us by calling (727) 848-5336 to schedule a visit to our showroom to browse our selection of cabinets and countertops in Tampa, FL.