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Is Quartz Considered a Natural Stone?

Quartz Countertops in Tampa, FL |

Considering quartz countertops in Tampa, FL, but want to know more about them before you buy? We’ve got the scoop on just how natural this particular option is, and what that means for your space. Find out about how natural they are and how you can utilize them in your home.  Here are a few fast facts to keep in mind as you compare your countertop selections:

  • Is it natural? Well, sort of. The countertops themselves are engineered from about 90% natural mineral and 8-10% resins, polymers, and pigments. Your quartz countertop isn’t carved right out of a quarry, but that’s mostly to ensure the right level of durability and uniformity for a usable surface.
  • How does it look? That depends on the process used to make it. Because the natural quartz used in the process is ground, different grain sizes create different appearances. The basic logic is that coarser grans create a flecked look while finer selections lead to a smoother aesthetic.
  • Can you rely on it? Absolutely. Combining the strength of stone with the precision and innovation of modern engineering, quartz countertops offer a very hard surface that shouldn’t be brittle and ought to hold up for a very long time with proper care. Plus, the manufacturing process ensures a great-looking surface for any situation.


The Many Benefits of Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops in Tampa, FL |

Quartz is one of the most sought after countertop materials on the market—for good reasons. It offers a number of great benefits for any kitchen or bathroom. Some advantages to keep in mind as you shop for quartz countertops in Tampa, FL, are:

Quartz Is Extremely Damage-Resistant: Since most quartz surfaces are engineered slabs, they are incredibly strong. Most styles come with an excellent manufacturer warranty.

Quartz Is Nonporous: Unlike natural stone products, quartz is nonporous and thus does not absorb liquid. This property helps you avoid water damage and staining.

Quartz Is Low Maintenance: All quartz needs to maintain its beauty and structural integrity is routine cleaning. You never need to seal a quartz slab.

Quartz Offers Incredible Design Potential: With a huge array of color and styles available, there’s a quartz surface for every kind of décor. Furthermore, quartz can be held in place with epoxy instead of screws, opening up new installation possibilities.

Something to keep in mind when considering quartz is that while the material resists most damage, it is not completely resistant to heat if the temperature gets too high. It is also a bit heavier than other materials, so you will need professional installation. However, quartz’s many advantages outweigh these factors for millions of homeowners across America. Are you one of them?

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