The Difference Between Real and Cultured Marble Counters

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Learn about the difference between real and cultured marble countertops in Tampa. These key differences can help you decide between natural and cultured products.

Marble countertops in Tampa are one of the most classic additions to any local home. What many buyers don’t know, however, is that not every stone is the same. In today’s market, you have two options to get this timeless look in your bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere:

Natural Marble — A stone material composed primarily of calcite, this is the original source of the marble look. Actually made from limestone that comes into contact with enormous amounts of heat and pressure, it gets its iconic texture from the different types of material present during its metamorphosis. Because it’s made naturally and not manufactured, it features vast variation in color and pattern, which contributes to its eye-catching aesthetic.

Cultured Marble — The man-made alternative to its natural variant, cultured marble is manufactured from polyester resins and crushed marble dust. As a result, it retains a neat, glossy appearance given by its sealed gel coat. It also features subtle and uniform veins that lend a more polished overall feeling to the finished space. Though often a matter of preference, a cultured product is more likely to come with consistent coloring and may be easier to source, especially if you want several matching countertops for one room.